Looking for a New Broker?

In Real Estate, everything’s negotiable.   With Majestic, so is your broker/agent relationship.  The terms listed below are where we start, then the rest is negotiated once we agree to work together.

1. Standard Agent/Broker Terms

Graduated commission structure for multiple transactions per month, available to any agent.

2. Fast-Track Mentored Agent

For a 70/30 split, the Broker, Office Manger, and other Majestic staff will mentor and train you to put you on the path to a successful real estate career, including training (MLS, ZipForm, Marketing, Personal Pipeline, etc.), education (self-development, sales, marketing, etc.), start-to-finish mentoring through every transaction, and more. Simply put – everything you need to have your real estate career up and running within months.

3. Real Estate Team

Majestic teams negotiate their own terms, overseen by the Designated Broker.   In addition to our graduated commission structure, teams are eligible for an additional percentage of each closing.

5. Personal Home and Investment Purchases

Your home is your home.  With Majestic, when you’re purchasing your own primary residence, so is your entire commission.   We also encourage investing in real estate, and offer greater splits and discounted fees to make sure your investment is on the right path from the start.


FLEX-AGENT is the a la carte items any agent can add to his or her agreement with Majestic.  We offer a number of invaluable tools to aid your real estate career, including – Transaction Coordinator, Private Office Space, Affiliate Agent/Concierge, Escrow-Dispersed Checks, and an Auction Bidding Service.


Refer a new agent to join the Majestic family, and get either:

–       a flat Referral Fee of $250 per agent referred within 30 days of transfer of new-hire’s license, or

–       Commission Sharing of referred agent’s closings – $75 or 1.25% of commission per closing, whichever is greater, deducted from Broker’s commission – for first 4 transactions.

SOUND GOOD? Let’s talk – and begin your real estate career at Majestic Real Estate & Investments today, where every agent feels at home.

getstarted@MajesticRE.com     480-730-7995: Office


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